Алексис Рен (Alexis Ren) : фото, биография, личная жизнь инстаграм красотки

Before & After Photos

To save you time, we have gone through some of Alexis’s past photos and analyzed her facial and body features. This allowed us to find out the type of cosmetic procedures she may have undergone.

See below for our “EXCLUSIVE” comparison pictures.

Did Alexis get a nose job?

We haven’t spotted any differences to Alexis’s nose shape, not even minor changes. Her nasal bridge and nose tip appears to be very consistent in both pictures. So, it’s very unlikely that she’s gone through a rhinoplasty surgery or what the majority of us like to call, a nose job.

Has she get lip injections?

From the comparison above, it’s quite evident that Alexis’s “After” lips look twice as plump as it was in the past. Her lips now look sexier especially with that messy hair, makeup, and everything. But based on this, we have good reasons to believe that she’s had lip fillers injected into both her top and bottom lip.

If it’s true, then we really like the result!

Did Alexis Ren have a boob job?

I think the chance is quite high.

Unless that picture was photoshopped, Alexis’ boobs have gone up a few cup sizes. So it is likely that she got breast implants.

What do you think?

What about her butt?

Without a doubt, Alexis has a great body that many girls can only dream of.

One of her valuable assets has to be her butt. Given the fact that she works out a lot so I doubt a butt lift ever took place.

There is not enough evidence in this one.

Early Life

Emma Hernan was born July 14, 1991, in Scituate, Massachusetts, where her family owned and operated a seafood company.

Growing up, she learned a lot watching her parents pay bills and run their business, and by 14, she had taught herself how to invest in the stock market.

As a teenager, she worked many jobs to make money, including as a babysitter and an ice cream parlor employee. She even sporadically worked as a model, eventually starting her own Instagram in 2014.

She learned at a young age the importance of investing wisely and used this knowledge to build herself up as a successful businesswoman.


What is Alexis Ren famous for?

Ren first was found as a model of the brand called Label Brandy Melville at the age of 13.

At the age of 15, her bikini photo by the pool went viral on Tumblr which led her to become a social media sensation.

Afterward, she appeared in a series of advertisements for the mobile game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.

Apart from it, she has also launched Ren Active which is activewear. It was named a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018 rookie of the year.

She was also announced as one of the celebrities who would compete on Dancing with the Stars in season 27, on September 12, 2018.

In the program, her professional partner was Alan Bersten. They reached the finals and also came in fourth place on November 19, 2018.

In addition, she was Maxim’s cover girl for the August 2017 and 2018 issues.

Likewise, she was a rookie for the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

In 2019, she was on Maxim’s Hot 100 list of Sexiest Women in the world.

Ren was featured in the music video “Not Ok” for Kygo.

Not only that, but she has also starred in the music video “South of the Border” by Ed Sheeran as Scarlet Jones.

Furthermore, she has also worked with several popular brands Loreal, Forever 21, Fox Head, Puma, Calvin Klein, Miss Holly, etc.

She has also grown on Youtube and currently, she has 1.08 million subscribers on her self-titled Youtube channel. She uploads skincare routines, workouts, makeup tutorials, and vlogs on her channel.

Apart from being a Youtube star, she is also a famous social media personality, she has earned 15.8 million followers on her Instagram account.

Now, let’s get into his personal information.

Личная жизнь

В 2014 году, модель Алексис Рен, после своих фотосессий на интернет- платформе «Tumblr» и участия в рекламе мобильных игр — запустила свои линию спортивной одежды «Ren Active» и участвовала во множестве рекламных фотосессий.

Джей Альварес и Алексис Рен

Роман Джейя Альвареса (John Arthur R. Alvarez) и модели развивался стремительно — пара познакомилась в 2014 году, на одной из фотосессий Алексис, куда Джей был приглашен в качестве фотографа. Обладая сногсшибательной внешностью, черными вьющимися волосами и стройной фигурой, молодой фотограф просто влюбил в себя американскую фотомодель.

Будучи серфингистом и спортсменом-экстремалом, который родился на Гаваях, Джей передал страсть к своим увлечениям и Алексис. Пара публиковала множество фото с диких пляжей в своих соцсетях, где однозначно можно было увидеть, что их романтические отношения зашли очень далеко.

Поклонникам американской модели, «гавайский мачо»сразу не понравился, и в сеть постепенно стала просачиваться информация от знакомых Альвареса — что начинающий фотограф использует наивную Алексис в своих корыстных и коммерческих целях. Нужно отметить, что в тот период Рен зарабатывала более 20 тысяч долларов за один рекламный пост в соцсетях.

В 2017 году пара рассталась и инициаторам разрыва выступила сама фотомодель. Любопытно, что «гавайский фотограф» удалил все совместные фото с Рен в соцсетях, но оставил те изображения, — где модель снята спиной или ракурс камеры поймал только ее самую соблазнительную часть тела. Тем самым дав понять, что их отношения еще могут восстановиться.

Джей Альварес и Алексис Рен

Отношения с Ноем Сентинео

В 2019 году в многочисленной плеяде знаменитых молодых актеров приходит пополнение. На этот раз им становится Ной Сентинео — черноглазый красавец с латиноамериканской фамилией. У парня долговременный контракт с развлекательной студией «Netflix» и он успел сняться в двух романтических картинах, которые принесли ему славу — «Всем парням, которых я любила раньше» (2018), и «Идеальное свидание» (2019).

В октябре 2019 года, неожиданно для поклонников Рен — Ной Сентинео публикует в соцсетях короткое видео, где вблизи руки актера уютно разместилась Алексис, уставившись в свой смартфон. По кадрам видно, что пара отдыхает в интимной домашней обстановке. Однако их роман был недолгим и весной 2020 года влюбленные расстались — причиной тому послужила предполагаемая измена популярного актера с моделью Анастасией Караниколау.

Алексис Рен и актер Ной Сентинео


Читайте нас в Телеграм


Emma Hernan started investing in properties early, and aside from her modeling career, working in real estate has given her net worth a major boost.

She first met the Oppenheim brothers when she was looking for a house for herself, and it was Jason Oppenheim who encouraged her to get a real estate license for herself.

Once she had her license, she joined the famous Oppenheim Group in 2018, a real estate firm that deals in luxury properties across Los Angeles.

Not one to confine herself to a single gig, Hernan started her own plant-based frozen food company in 2020 called Emma Leigh & Co., which specializes in vegan empanadas.

In 2021, she joined the fourth season of Selling Sunset, a Netflix show that revolves around the Oppenheim Group and a group of their agents’ personal and professional lives. Emma is expected to return for the fifth and sixth seasons.

Outside of real estate, Hernan has also modeled for Sports Illustrated in the past but currently uses Instagram for much of her modeling promotions.

Личная жизнь

Её мать, Синтия, была специалистом по здоровому питанию. В 2014 году скончалась от рака молочной железы, диагностированного годом ранее. После смерти своей матери у Рен развилось расстройство пищевого поведения.

В 2014 года Алексис начала встречаться с Инстаграм блогером и моделью Джеем Альварезом. Вскоре пара получила известность благодаря своим тревел-видео и фото. В 2017 году отношения между ними ухудшились и они расстались, Алексис заявила, что Джей манипулировал ею[источник не указан 566 дней].
В сентябре 2019 года стало известно, что Рен встречается с актёром и коллегой-моделью Ноем Сентинео. Сентинео публично подтвердил эти отношения 14 января 2020 года через пост в своем Instagram.

Alexis Ren Workout Routine

Alexis Ren workout at least five days a week but most of the time she performs multiple workouts within a day even as it’s not easy to maintain your body being a supermodel.

So, Finally, here 10 min Workout routine which Alexis performs to a supermodel body. Now everybody has a different body type so, let’s check out that if this workout works for you or not. Here are full details of “Alexis Ren workout routine” 

Alexis Ren Workout Routine

Alexis Ren Workout includes:-

Crunch kicks

 Begin in a very seated position with knees bent, then raise feet off the bottom and stretch them out and back in once more.

Spider climbers

Just like mountain climbers however with knees moving out and aloof from your body

You need to keep the rest of 30 seconds between these 20 exercises and you will soon realize your body will start burning like a fire. This is all about Alexis Ren workout routine/ exercise plan.

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Alexis Ren Diet Plan

In case of diet like most people, Alexis does not believe in eating only 3 big meals in a day instead she spreads her meals and nutrition into 6 smaller meals 

On high of all this, Alexis makes sure she takes in an exceedingly minimum of a try of liters of water per day. It’s not with respect to the association but detoxing still. Loads of you will be able to flush out your system, the upper your overall well-being square measure.

Let’s see the full details of the Alexis Ren diet plan.

Food Alexis Ren likes to eat

  • Fruit. countless pineapples, strawberries, watermelon, papaya, and mango for endless smoothies and açaí bowls.
  • Vegan macromolecule powder
  • Banana frozen dessert. She calls it frozen dessert, whereas I decision it as I see it—bananas amalgamated with almond milk.
  • Salad (with lemon and pepper). At now, there aren’t enough salads within the world for that sort of body.
  • Veggie burgers (wrapped in lettuce with avocado).

Alexis takes collagen daily, and this side-effect free supplement is important for nourished skin and hair.

Biotin is additionally very important to strengthen your hair and nails, likewise as for rejuvenating your skin.

Her lifestyle needs her to travel plenty, which will place a strain on the abdomen.

Eating completely different foods than traditional can even disrupt your digestive system causing some bloating.

She has declared varied times that maintaining muscle mass will be a challenge once you’re getting to keep each gram of fat off your body.

Hope you like today’s post on “Alexis Ren Workout Routine and Diet plan” . Share it with your friends.

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Relationship of Alexis Ren

Who is Alexis Ren dating?

Alexis Ren the American model is currently single and has not been dating anyone as of now.

Talking about her past relationships, she was dating a travel influencer and a surfer named Jay Alvarrez.

The couple dated for 2 years from 2015 to 2016.

Afterward, while she was filming the 27th season of Dancing with the Stars she confirmed that she had a romance with her dancing partner named Alan Bersten.

Likewise, she was in a relationship with a model Noah Centineo from March 2019 to April 2020.

Now, let’s get into her net worth and know how much she earns and how she makes her earnings.


Модель Алексис Рен выросла в пригороде Лос-Анджелеса и имеет большую семью — три сестры и младшего брата. Однако, только Алексис связала свою жизнь с модельной индустрией. Уже в возрасти 13 лет, начинающая, юная фотомодель, работала с молодежным лейблом «Brandy Melville» и успела попасть в редакционную статью издания «Seventeen».

В 2011 году Алексис создала свой профиль на платформе для творческих людей «Tumblr», где публиковала свои фотосессии в бикини, которые пользовались большой популярностью.

В возрасте 20-ти лет стройная фотомодель отмечается на обложке британского журнала «Maxim», а через год ее тело красуется и в латиноамериканской версии этого популярного мужского издания.

Именно в этот период определяется дальнейшая судьба и модельное амплуа Алексис Рен — она становится моделью, которую чаще всего воспринимают как «девушку в бикини».

В 2017 году, такое известное британское издание о фитнесе и стиле жизни, как «LoveMagazine», — пригласило Рен поучаствовать в промо-акции по продвижению спортивного инвентаря для прокачивания мышц ягодиц. Видеоролик вышел из под профессиональной руки британского фотографа и клипмейкера Фила Пойнтера и получился достаточно откровенным и горячим, благодаря естественной привлекательности Алексис Рен.

Такой привлекательный модельный образ, получает в карьере Рен дальнейшее развитие и в 2018 году — Алексис становится лицом спортивного издания «Sports Illustrated Swimsuit», которое специализируется на женских купальниках и бикини.

Американская фотомодель принимает участие в горячих фотосессиях вместе с такими супермоделями, как Кейт Аптон, Кейт Уэсли и Робин Лоули. В 2019 году международный журнал «Maxim», включил модель Алексис Рен в топ-100 самых красивых девушек мира, куда в том числе входят и российские фотомодели.

Образ модели

Кроме того, что Алексис является прямой моделью, — девушка позиционирует себя и как модель соцсетей, имея более 14 миллионов подписчиков и фанатов её стройной и привлекательной фигуры. Именно популярность в интернете, послужила причиной большого внимания к персоне Алексис среди ее именитых и звездных поклонников.

Алексис Рен

Alexis Ren: Then and Now

Let’s see how this internet celebrity has changed since making a name for herself on the cyberspace. From what we know, she started posting pictures of her on Instagram since 2012.

Alexis in 2012

Instagram / alexisren

Back then, Alexis was just a nobody who started her own profile by posting pictures of herself online. Who would have thought that after 6 years, she’d amass well over 11 million followers who get their daily fix by looking at photos of her pretty face and curvy body? Obviously, their main focus is on her breasts, small waist, and toned butt.

Alexis in 2013

Instagram / alexisren

Alexis has gained plenty of recognition thanks to her great body. Her fans wanted to know about her diet and workout routines. Not only that, but they were also interested in the beauty products that she uses, the skincare brand she applies to her own skin, the makeup she puts on her beautiful face. She was slowly becoming an idol for many young girls.

Alexis in 2014

Instagram / alexisren

At 18 years old, Alexis endured her toughest year yet with the loss of her loving mother, Cynthia Gaylord (expert health nutritionist), to breast cancer. Soon after, she experienced an eating disorder which she later described as “a toxic state of mind”. Thankfully, she met Jay Alvarrez, another Instagram and Youtube star, and since then this loving couple became an online fairy tale for many.

So far, we haven’t seen any noticeable changes to her face nor body. Her boobs appear to be very natural in this photo. Nothing’s been done to her eyes, nose, cheekbones, jawline or chin. As a matter of fact, Alexis has a beautiful chin by birth that it almost looks like she had a chin implant.

Alexis in 2015

Instagram / alexisren

Here she was showing us her “Beach Chic” look with those golden blondes with the dark scalp. One of the qualities that makes Alexis so likable has got to be her smile. This lady has a gorgeous smile although her teeth prettiest you’ve seen. However, her teeth and gums can be easily corrected with cosmetic dentistry such as gum reduction surgery.

Alexis in 2016

Instagram / alexisren

Ever since the Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren romance came to light, they drowned the internet through their photos and videos captured from striking vacations, mainly in swimwear based scenes. Unfortunately, their relationship had come to a shaky road towards the end of 2016 and the breakup became quite messy when Alexis announced the news on her Twitter account in early 2017.

Despite the heartbreak, it hasn’t stopped Alexis from focusing on her workout. Just look how slim her legs are here and we are absolutely certain plastic surgery had nothing to do with it.

Although we couldn’t say the same about her chest and bust size…

Alexis in 2017

Instagram / alexisren

2017 proved to be a good year for Alexis as she became the cover girl for Maxim’s August issue. She also worked on numerous advertisements for the popular video game, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. If that’s not enough, she also launched her own activewear line called the Ren Active.

This was the year we noticed something chunky about Alexis’s lips. Of course, whether she’s really gone through a lip injection procedure, we’ll leave that for you to decide.

Alexis in 2018

Instagram / alexisren

At 21 years old, Alexis is currently living her prime. She’s fit, she’s firm and she’s looking like an absolute babe! At this stage, it doesn’t even matter if she’s used cosmetic surgery to enhance her beauty because she’s been voted to become the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of the year! Congratz!!!


Here we see Alexis attending the Spotify Best New Artist 2020 party.

Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Alexis in 2021

It looks like Alexis has gone back to the surfie look with this gorgeous blonde hair and head-turning beach dress. I must admit she looks great!


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Favorite Quotes From Alexis Ren

“There have been so many amazing accomplishments that I’m grateful for. I couldn’t choose just one. I’m very happy where I am in life and I’m excited to see where else it takes me.” – Alexis Ren 

“Whatever emotion the photographer wants is usually what’s going through my mind. I don’t usually think of specific things-mostly feelings.” – Alexis Ren 

“For the last year it’s been pretty much through the internet/social media, but this year I want to change that. I want to be more involved– I want to give back what they gave me. I have a few ideas.” – Alexis Ren 

“Everything and more! I never thought I would feel so at home in a place so far away from my actual home. I’m going to miss Sydney and cherish the memories I made here. I’ll definitely be back soon!” – Alexis Ren 

Who is Alexis Ren?

Alexis Ren aka Alexis René Glabach (born on November 23, 1996) popularly known for being a media personality and model.

She started her career as a teen model and today she has earned 15.8 million followers from all around the world only on her Instagram account.

Talking about her self-titled Youtube channel, she has accumulated 1.08 million subscribers on her channel as of now.

While she was just a beginner in her career, she worked with management such as Nous Model Management, Chick Management, and The Lions NY Management.

Alexis is a founder of a management company called Meissa Inc, which is located in Japan.

Furthermore, Ren has also worked with popular brands like DVF, Ralph Lauren, Colourpop, Express, Calvin Klein, and many more.

Apart from working with brands, she has also starred in the videos such as Paris by Chainsmokers, Love Magazine by Love Advent, and many more.

Today, we will be learning about Alexis Ren’s age, height, net worth, career, and the achievements she has made this far.

Before getting into it let’s take a quick look at her quick biography.

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